Equity Accountability Community


The path forward to achieve equity in Jackson County is to empower everyone in our community; representation of all perspectives should always be a priority, as well as equitable outcomes for all County residents.

Advocate for more equitable boards and commissions nominees

Invest in equitable outcomes in education, the criminal legal system, and transportation

Dismantle symbolic representations of systematic racism


It should be easy to hold elected officials accountable- that’s why I want to bring transparency to the County through technological updates to keep the community informed, as well as increasing the transparency and oversight of spending.

Separate the office of the County Auditor from the legislature to ensure they are not only compliant, but accountable, for financial decisions.

Increase accessibility to County business by expanding County communications through social media and communication with local news sources

Ensure that the County legislature infrastructure adequately supports and engages community input


Community organizing is a cornerstone of social change. It’s time the County back those efforts by community members not only with words, but with resources. Financial allocation should be prioritized to proven community organizations who know better than anyone what the needs of the County are.

Ensure spending on community initiatives is prioritized to existing organizations who have a proven track record of community service

Prioritize uplifting underserved communities by supporting fresh ideas meant to address social injustice in the County. This includes introducing legislation concerning transportation, housing and food cooperatives, and more


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